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Dog Training Classes

Dog Training at the Women's Humane Society

At the Women’s Humane Society, our trainers utilize methods that are rooted in the sciences of Animal Learning and Dog Behavior to help you and your dog reach your goals. From basic manners to mild behavior issues, our trainers will help you build a positive, lasting relationship with you and your dog.  

For 2017, we will continue to offer group classes, and are pleased to introduce private sessions. Group classes are a great and affordable way to learn manners, improve focus and build your bond with your dog. Private sessions may be more appropriate for dogs who are shy or fearful, as well as for individuals who want to work more closely with a trainer on individualized behavior issues

The trainers at Women’s Humane Society will teach you and your dog the skills needed to live a happy and harmonious life together. Using reward-based methods, which are supported by the science of animal learning and behavior, we will create the building blocks for helping your dog gain valuable impulse control.


Basic Manners

Intermediate/Advanced Manners

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