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How Kids Can Help

We are often asked about volunteer opportunities for young animal advocates in our area. While we require volunteers to be 18 and over to handle animals, there are plenty of ways that young people can make a difference in our region's animal population. Below are some additional volunteer opportunties for any young person interseted in helping.

Enrichment is key to the health and happiness of our animals.

  • Make rope toys for dogs.
  • Make mobiles for the cats.
  • Make paper ball toys for cats.
  • Make cat nip socks for cats (with socks, cat nip and cotton stuffing).
  • And any other fun enrichment ideas you have to help our shelter pets!

Fundraising is key to the success of the WHS animal shelter.

  • Organize a fundraiser in your community, at school or with friends.
  • Click HERE to view our 'Five Ways to Fundraise flyer'!

Donation drives provide us with supplies and food that the animals need.

Educating and empowering others to help can make a difference in animals' lives.

  • Make an educational display for your class, club, or the public on animal welfare topics.
  • Start an Animal Rights club at your school to spread awareness and do fun activities for the animals.
  • Help distribute flyers from WHS on events, vaccine clinics, or adoption specials (pick up flyers at WHS).

Reading to the animals helps socialize them and keep them comfortable.

If you decide that you're interested in making a difference in our animals' lives in any of these ways, please contact our Education Department