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Humane Educational Programs

We provide three main Education Lessons for students of all ages at the Women's Humane Society.  We believe that these lessons all touch on the importance of manners around animals, what animal welfare is, how WHS helps animals and how others can help animals in their community.  While these are our three main educational programs for students, we are willing to provide additional lessons on specific topics such as, Animals in History, Identifying Animal Cruelty, Animal Careers and more. If you have requirements for curriculum, scout badges, etc. we are happy to create specific lessons for individual classes given ample time to prepare.

All of our lessons are aligned with PA Core Standards and have been approved by WHS' Canine Behavior Educator. Below is a list of our core curriculum classes:

WHS & Animal Welfare
(All Ages)

This is a general class that discusses what the Women’s Humane Society does in the community.  It touches on our history, pet overpopulation, surrender prevention and provides a discussion on how children, students or adults (depending on the audience) can help make a difference in shelter animals’ lives!  Activities and  treat making is included. If provided on-site, a tour is included.

Bite Prevention & Manners around Pets
(All Ages)

This lesson touches on dog body language, compares manners around humans and manners around pets and includes interactive videos to help the students understand the importance of manners and how to read an animal through their body language.   The specifics of this lesson vary depending on the age of the students, but for most ages there will also be dog body language activities to identify the differences in their behavior in photos and videos.   Younger children will learn about body language through the use of puppets.  Given time and staffing resources, the students will be able to watch a volunteer or Canine Behavior Educator do tricks with a dog under strict supervision. Petting is not permitted.

Service Learning Program – Get Active!
(Grade 2-12)

The Get Active! Service learning program at WHS is meant to empower students, in a group setting, to get involved with different service projects for the animals at WHS.  The WHS education team will visit any school, group or club to speak about WHS, what we do for animals in our community, and all the unique ways that students can help.  Education is at the core of our mission and we believe that children at every age have the ability to make a big difference in the lives of animals.  Inspiring students to work together and develop unique ways to raise money, manage donation drives or craft enrichment items for our animals is a great way for kids to learn about team work, kindness and compassion.  Brainstorming as a group with our Humane Educator is very empowering AND fun!  WHS has seen time and time again that that students are creative and determined, and capable of making real, positive impacts on our shelter animals.

Pet Companionship & Adoptions
This presentation is geared toward adults who are interested in owning a pet. We discuss the health benefits of having a pet and review a few studies and statistics that show specific benefits of owning a pet. We also discuss WHS programs open to the public, the adoption process here at WHS, and what you need to do in order to adopt from our shelter.  This is a very informative presentation for people who are thinking of adopting a pet or for people who are looking for a pet to brighten their daily lives.