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Meet the Training Team

Helping to Create Positive Solutions for You And Your Dog

Lindsay Root

Lindsay discovered her passion for dog behavior and enrichment while orchestrating playgroups and trainings with shelter dogs. Lindsay has an internship with a private training company which has allowed her to not only help animals, but work toward a national dog trainer accreditation (CPDT). Lindsay is continuing her education and experience in the dog behavior community by enriching the lives of the dogs she comes in contact with, in both a shelter setting as well as animals living in the community.  

When Lindsay is not helping shelter and privately owned animals she enjoys spending time with her adopted pit bull mix, Wayne.


Faith Harrop

Faith has been training dogs for over 30 years and for over 20 years at Women’s Humane Society.

She has a passion for dog training and wants to ensure that all dogs have a chance to be trained so they don’t end up in shelters.

Faith has been involved in dog sports for 40 years and has competed in AKC Obedience from Novice through Utility and her dog, ST, was the very first Scottish Terrier to earn a Utility title.