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Surrendering an Animal

The Women’s Humane Society is an open admission shelter and accepts dogs, cats and small animals. Each animal is evaluated by shelter medical staff, the kennel manager and adoption manager, who observe the animal’s behavior and check for signs of illness. We also rely on the surrender form you fill out for detailed information regarding your pet.

Animals that are deemed adoptable are placed in our adoptions program. While many animals are adopted very quickly, some animals are with us for weeks or months before finding new homes. Animals deemed unadoptable are humanely euthanized. Animals may be considered unadoptable for a variety of reasons, including age, behavior or illness.

We offer an Animal Transportation Service for pet owners who wish to give up their pets but don’t have transportation. Call us at 215-750-3100 for information regarding hours and fees.

If you are considering surrendering your pet, we recommend:

  • Talking to a behavioral specialist if you are having a problem with your pet, or give us a call. We may be able to offer some suggestions to improve the situation.
  • Trying to place your pet with a friend or family member if you are unable to care for it.
  • Working with a rescue group to post your cat as available for adoption while you maintain custody and care. This is also true for found cats and kittens.
  • Enrolling your dog in an obedience training class offered at the Women’s Humane Society.
  • Before considering a shelter, consider Get Your Pet, an online community that connects people looking to adopt an animal directly with people who need to find their pet a new home.
  • Bringing your pet to the Women’s Humane Society if your situation does not improve or you are unable to locate a home for your pet. There is a $50 donation plus any additional fees to help cover our costs in caring for the animal. Be sure to bring identification with you when you surrender your pet, as this is required by state law.