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Honor or Remember a Life Held Dear

The Tribute Fund of the Women’s Humane Society provides donors a meaningful way to give – and to give back. Through a charitable contribution of $25 or more, you may wish to:

  • Personalize your gift by dedicating it in recognition of a friend, loved one or companion animal.

  • Celebrate a birthday or special occasion by gifting your donation to honor a fellow animal lover.

  • Memorialize the life of a deceased friend, family member or beloved pet.

Gifts in tribute carry great significance. At a time when our tribute donors are remembering another dear to their hearts, they are likewise remembering our unwanted and homeless animals through their gift to the Women’s Humane Society. Please join our Tribute Fund today.

A continually updated listing of our Tribute Fund donors, as well as those they have chosen to honor or memorialize through their gift, can be viewed on our Tributes page.